Max Keyboard Keycap, Gateron / Zealios / Tealios Key Switch Tester Kit

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Can't decide which mechanical key switch to type on? Purchase our Max Keyboard premium Gateron/Zealios/Tealios key switch tester kit and decide which switch fits you better. Our kit is designed to simulate the actual typing feeling on a real mechanical key switch mechanical keyboard by mounting all the actual switches on a 9.525mm (0.375 inch) thick acrylic base

Includes 12 labeled keycaps, 10 Gateron switch types, 1 Zealios switch, and 1 Tealios switch.

Each sampler kit includes :
* Labeled keycap (Qty: 12)
* Mechanical key switch (Qty:12) [Gateron Red(1), Gateron Black(1), Gateron Blue(1), Gateron Brown(1), Gateron Green(1), Gateron Clear (1), Gateron Yellow (1) Gateron Silent Black (1), Gateron Silent Red (1), Gateron Silent Brown(1), Zealios(1), Tealios(1)]
* Acrylic base (Qty: 1)

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