Max Keyboard Keycap, Zeal PC Key Switch Tester Kit

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Can't decide which mechanical key switch to type on? Purchase our Max Keyboard premium Zeal PC key switch tester kit and decide which switch fits you better. Our kit is designed to simulate the actual typing feeling on a real mechanical key switch mechanical keyboard by mounting all the actual switches on a 9.525mm (0.375 inch) thick acrylic base

Includes 12 labeled keycaps, 12 Zeal PC Key switches

Each sampler kit includes :
* Labeled keycap (Qty: 12)
* Mechanical key switch (Qty:12) [62g Zealio V2 (1), 65g Zealio V2 (1), 67g Zealio V2 (1), 78g Zealio V2 (1), 62g Zilent V2 (1), 65g Zilent V2 (1), 67g Zilent V2 (1) 78g Zilent V2 (1), 67g Tealio V2 (1), 63.5g Healio V2 (1), 62g Sakurio (1), 67g Rosélio (1)]
* Acrylic base (Qty: 1)

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